Integrated Profiling and Cutting

Integrated Wire Profiling and Cut to length machine

The IPC line is a fully integrated line for production of cold rolled, ribbed, straight lengths of high tensile steel bar for reinforcing purposes or for line/cross wires for welding into reinforcing mesh.

The wire is fed from a payoff system. The payoff type is dependant on feed speeds required and coil type. Refer to the pay off selections.

The machine has roller reducing units to provide the required reduction in cross sectional area and to introduce the profiling onto the wire. The final profiling rollers are driven by AC motors with frequency controlled drives resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

The wire is straightened in a conventional straightening arbor and is cut to length in a rotating shear assembly. Length is determined from an electronic length input control. Wires are discharged into a receiving tray with a pneumatic end alignment system. Extra features could include a bundle batching station.


IPC modules

  • Payoff System
  • Inline mechanical descaler
  • Lubricant applicator
  • Rolling section
  • Straightening section
  • Flying shear
  • Straight length accumulator
  • Bundle batching station
Bundle Batching Station



Model Number HPC / IPC
Max. inlet wire diameter 17mm/0.670"
Max. finished section 16mm/0.630" equivalent
Min. finished section 4mm/0.157"
Output wire Profiled and smooth
Max. rolling speed 400m/minute
Max. cut length 13,000mm